G - H - I

TITLE                                                                                             DDC NUMBERS Inventory Number
Gazimagosa                                                                                       (720.9/GAZ/89) 58062
Gazimagosa                                                                                (915.69304/GAZ/7-) 53052
General orders 1955                                                                 (342.0402646/GEN/55) 65402
Genocide in 1974                                                                          (956.9304/GEN/74) 80725
Get to know Famagusta                                                               (915.69304/GET/69) 34021
Getting a life in North Cyprus - Adrian Fleetwood                              (823.914/FLE/06) 83204
Girne (Kyrenia)                                                                              (915.69304/GİR/7-) 53050
Glances at cultures - Halit Hulusi                                                  (759.95693/HAL/05) 88125
Glasgow university                                                                   (597.2095693/GLA/96) 62001
Global change                                                                             (338.95693/GLO/92) 61606
Goldberg's angel - Dan Hofstadter                                                    (364.162/HOF/94) 77618
Greece and terror                                                                            (303.625/GRE/87) 47431
Greek atrocities against the turks                                                  (956.9304/GRE/56) 71023
Greek atrocities against the turks - Fazıl Küçük                           (956.9303/KOU/56 )     25010
Greek atrocities in Cyprus                                                             (956.9304/GRE/76) 32000
Greek Cypriot anti-federation statements                                         (956.9305/GRE/9-) 73102
Greek cypriot economic blockade and embargo against ...               (337.5693/GRE/83) 79510
Greeks the democrats who are not -K.B.Raif                                    (956.9304/RAİ/95) 74547
Guide for foreign investors                                                               (332.6025/GUI/04) 88895
Guide for foreign investors in the TRNC                                             (332.6025/GUI/00) 88898
Guide for foreign investors in the TRNC                                             (332.6025/GUI/89) 88899
Guide for foreign investors in the TRNC                                             (332.6025/GUI/90) 49499
Guide for foreign investors in the TRNC                                             (332.6025/GUI/91) 77410
Guide to Cyprus                                                                              (915.693/GUI/73) 33980
Guide to foreign investors and businessmen                                       (915.693/GUI/84) 68070
Guide to foreign investors in the TRNC                                              (332.6025/GUI/94) 77408
Guide to Northern Cyprus                                                                 (915.693/GUI/97) 63823
Handicraft sector market research report November 2006                  (338.6425/HAN/06) 84333
Havets Ljus - Osman Turkay                                                              (811.42/TÜR/89) 48271
Healthy living in Cyprus - Mariam Khan                                    (581.63095693/KHA/06) 84898
High above Kıbrıs - Sonia Halliday                                                 (915.69304/HAL/87) 47254
Histoire de L'ile de Chypre (Vol.1) - M.L.deMas Latrie                        (956.9301/LAT/70) 70428
Histoire de L'ile de Chypre (Vol.II) - M.L.deMas Latrie                        (956.9301/LAT/70) 70429
Histoire de L'ile de Chypre (Vol.III)- M.L.deMas Latrie                        (956.9301/LAT/70) 70430
Histoire de L'ile de Chypre (Vol.IV)- M.L.deMAs Latrie                      (956.9301/LAT/70) 70431
Historic Cyprus - Rubert Gunnis                                                        (956.93/GUN/47) 78190
Historic Cyprus - Rubert Gunnis                                                        (956.93/GUN/73)  73974
Historic Cyprus - Rupert Gunnis                                                        (956.93/GUN/73) 34012
Historic resolutions on the Cyprus questions                            (327.956105693/HIS/97) 61984
History education in divided Cyprus- Yiannis Papadakis               (956.930712/PAP/08) 88486
History of Cyprus - Cleanthis P.Georgiades                                       (956.93/GEO/9--) 86810
History of Turkish music - Ekrem Yeşilada                                    (780.95693/YEŞ/08) 87870
History speaks                                                                               (956.9303/HIS/64) 18051
History speaks - Osman Örek                                                          (956.9303/HIS/71) 22031
Hornus-Sonyel correspondence on the Armenian ,,-Salahi Sonyel         (322.4/SON/83) 65960
Hostage to history Cyprus - C.Hitchens                                                (956.93/HIT/02) 80805
Hotel guide of Northern Cyprus                                                         (915.693/HOT/08) 86940
How the 1960 republic of Cyprus ... - S.Egeli                                   (956.9304/EGE/91) 80761
Human rights                                                                                       (323/HUM/89) 88640
Human rights                                                                                       (323/HUM/95) 88643
Human rights and Cyprus                                                                      (323/HUM/69) 31260
Human rights and Cyprus                                                                      (323/HUM/77) 32002
Human rights and Cyprus                                                                      (323/HUM/77) 32003
Human rights and fundametal freedoms- Zaim M.Nedjati            (342.08502646/NED/72)   31871
Human rights and the Cyprus question in the context of the CSCE proc.   (323.HUM/92) 55202
Human rights and the Cyprus questions                                                 (323/HUM/91) 50694
Human rights in Cyprus                                                                         (323/HUM/79) 61369
Human rights violations in Cyprus by Turkey                                           (323/HUM/08) 88860
I am learnin english - İsmail Kozansoy                                                          (425/I/05) 79512
I land in the sun                                                                          (741.595693/HIC/9--) 77621
ICCI 2004                                                                                        (370.152/ICC/04) 79125
Identity - Bahar Çıralı                                                                 (757.4095693/ÇIR/08) 88109
Images from North Cyprus- R.R.Denktaş                                             (779.36/DEN/93)  80746
Impasse of breakthrough? - Michael Moran                                      (327.5693/MOR/94) 58299
Improving the quality of education in the secondary school of N.C.    (373.95693/IMP/94) 68072
In reality no one was asleep - İsmail Tansu                                      (956.9303/TAN/07) 89634
In search of a negotiated Cyprus settlement - M.Necati M.Ertegün     (956.9305/ERT/81) 52009
In search of justice- Rauf R.Denktaş                                                (956.9305/DEN/--) 87286
In the footsteps of women                                                           (305.42095693/IN/98) 77816
Information management system                                                    (658.91027/INF/87) 51181
Injustices in the application of United Nations ..-Osman Örek        (337.095693/ÖRE/73) 23904
Inquiry into urban environment                                                              (711.4/INQ/06) 88082
Inter-communal talks and the Cyprus problem - M.Necati M.Ertekün      (956.93/ERT/77) 31990
International condemnation of the Turkish Cypriot pseudostate     (341.29095693/INT/89) 88935
International poets                                                                           (821.4208/INT/94) 57455
International writers' seminar                                                                    (808/INT/87) 90417
Interviews of Michael Dekleris and Orhan Aldıkaçtı                             (956.9305/INT/96) 87302
Introduction to 8051 family of microcomputers - Doğan İbrahim                (004.2/İBR/94) 63852
Introduction to law                                                                                   (340/INT/94) 77398
Introduction to law                                                                                   (340/INT/94)  77399
Introduction to Unix - Doğan İbrahim                                                  (005.262/İBR/92) 63851
Is a compromise settlement in Cyprus ..-Zenon Stavrinides               (956.9304/STA/99) 82482
Is the Turkish Cypriot population shrinking?-Mete Hatay               (307.2095693/HAT/07) 85126
ISDN and its application to LAN... - Derviş z.Deniz                               (004.66/DEN/94) 79124
ISIT 2005 - Girne American University                                                  (720.28/INT/06) 83023